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51+ Podcast Topics: Never Run Out of Content Again! (2023)

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

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Podcasts have become one of the most sought-after content in the digital age. In fact, the podcast advertising market is expected to be worth $4 billion in 2024, a substantial increase from 2021, when it was valued at $1 billion.

In addition, over 62% of the U.S. population have listened to a podcast, and roughly 79% are familiar with the digital medium. So it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs and hobbyists are taking advantage of it.

If you are one of them, you need to make sure that you come up with fresh ideas to be successful in the industry. But with all the podcasts out there, how can you be sure yours will be unique?

Getting started with a podcast can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this article, I will share with you the best podcast topics and ideas to help you break into the industry and potentially make money in the future.

Ready? Let’s fly! 

Unique Podcast Topics and Ideas to Explore

1. True Crime

Podcast idea - true crime

According to Statista, true crime is one of the most popular podcast genres in 2020. While this is good news for you folks who want to solve mysteries and crimes on air, it also means that it’s a competitive niche, and only those who can provide a unique angle can be successful.

So, if you want to get into this niche, be sure to create something fresh. I suggest listening to different true crime podcasts and seeing what else you can provide.

Also, please do your research and check why popular podcasts in this niche get the following they have and work from there.

2. Personal Finance

If you have some background in finance or know how to handle your money pretty well, a personal finance podcast is perfect for you. In this topic, you can teach people how to handle certain aspects of their finances like retirement, savings, investment, and more.

However, tread carefully when talking about finance, especially about investments. Some listeners may take your speculations as financial advice, resulting in irreparable economic damage.

Always give a disclaimer and only give well-researched advice.

3. Local News

I understand how difficult it is to choose one podcast topic and stick with it forever (or until you can). There are so many things to talk about, so why limit your podcast to one case? Enter the local news podcast.

You’ll never have to discuss the same subject continuously with this idea.

But how can you make your podcast more attractive than other news shows? Instead of just going through the latest news, find interesting ones that will capture your potential listeners’ attention.

For example, you can feature new restaurants to try in your area, events they can attend, or any news that can make your listeners’ everyday life easier.

4. Pop Culture

Books, movies, or music can all be good individual podcast topics. But why not talk about all of them instead? Pop culture allows you to explore different topics, giving you a never-ending source of episode ideas.

You can even leverage trending topics in the genre, which can help you attract more podcast listeners in a given age group.

You should note that there are tons of pop culture podcasts available now. It’s a competitive niche, so make sure you make yours unique and engaging.

5. Celebrity Interviews

If you want to get ahead in the industry as quickly as possible, interviewing famous people can do that for you. On top of that, celebrity interview podcasts are also often featured on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

It’s also easy to produce–as long as you have the right connections.

Having celebrities in your show can also help in your podcast marketing. If you have a famous person in your show and they tweeted their episode, it’s free marketing for you.

6. DIY Tutorials

Do you want to create a podcast to help your listeners grow their skills? One perfect topic you can explore is DIY tutorials. You can talk about various projects, arts and crafts, home improvements, and other DIY projects you and listeners can take on.

You could also make extra money if you choose this topic by selling exclusive guides to your listeners.

Of course, it may take a while to convince your audience to buy them, but it’s still a great way to monetize your podcast.

7. Quote of the Day

Sharing quotes daily can be a good podcast topic if you want something short and quick. These could be motivational, life, business, or literary quotes that people can listen to before they start their day. You don’t even need to stick to a specific genre.

All you have to do is give your listeners a simple quote to ponder on, maybe add a little reflection, and you’re all set.

8. Behind the Scenes

Many people are interested to see what’s happening behind the curtains, and you could be the one to bring it to them. But don’t just limit yourself to the entertainment industry; there are a lot of other industries you can explore.

For example, you can talk about how software is developed, behind the scenes of a local restaurant, or anything that you think is interesting. Your imagination is the limit here!

9. Product Reviews

Another podcast idea you should explore is product reviews. This is a great topic idea as you have so many things to review–the choice is limitless.

Do you love gadgets? You can talk about the latest devices available now. Are you a makeup junkie? Help your listeners find the best product to purchase now.

This podcast topic also allows you to get sponsorship deals quickly. Make sure to build your credibility to build your audience and close sponsorship deals.

10. Social Media

Youtube Influencer

In this day and age of technology, almost everyone has a social media account. A lot of people are using them to grow their businesses and brand. If you have experience in social media marketing, use your knowledge to create a social media-themed podcast.

However, many podcasts explore this topic, and gaining credibility can be difficult, especially if competing with famous social media marketers or influencers.

11. Technology

Another excellent podcast topic you can talk about is technology. It’s pretty broad, so you have many topic ideas for your podcast episode. There are many things to explore, from hardware, software, gaming, and cybersecurity.

You can even share tips on how non-techie people can explore the tech world, so you can attract more listeners to your podcast and not just those who are interested in technology.

12. Travel

Do you love traveling? Or maybe you have been traveling for a while and want to share some hidden gems you found? If so, a travel podcast is perfect for you. You can share interesting stories about your travels and unique places to visit.

You could even engage your audience and ask them to share their stories on your podcast. This could make your podcast more exciting and attract more listeners by having your audience as guest speakers.

13. Comedy

A comedy podcast is for you if you like making people laugh and have a sense of humor that can crack everyone up. Here you can talk about anything under the sun, just make sure you insert that humor of yours, and you are good to go.

You can even tell funny stories and do some sketches on air.

14. A Day in the Life

Another way to interview people in your podcast is to talk about their typical day, giving your target audience a peek at someone else’s life. Instead of just focusing on celebrities, this podcast topic can explore the life of successful people or even regular ones with exciting jobs.

15. Global News and Politics

Talking about global events can do the trick if you want to make a podcast that can capture a larger audience. Many people are interested in what’s happening worldwide, so you’ll indeed have a big target audience to play with.

16. Short Stories

Do you like writing short stories? Or knows anyone who has written one? If so, this podcast topic idea is for you. But you can still explore this topic even if you’re not a writer. You can look for stories to read to your audience online or ask some of your listeners to share their stories.

17. The Stock Market

People love to learn how they can grow their money and one investment instrument that’s really popular now is stocks. You can discuss market speculations, hot stocks to invest in, and more.

But before you talk about this topic, ensure you are equipped with the proper knowledge and disclaimers.

18. Psychology

One of the best podcast topics you can explore is psychology. It’s a broad topic, so you can easily find a niche perfect for you. At the same time, many people are interested in exploring the human mind, making it easy for you to attract listeners to your new podcast.

This idea can usually attract a variety of different personality types.

19. Fashion

Do you have fashion tips to share or an eye for the next trend? If so, fashion is the perfect podcast topic for you. You can discuss the latest trends, provide trend forecasts, or even advise your listeners about their fashion dilemmas. You can even focus on celebrity news fashion and discuss their style and outfits.

20. Fitness

podcast ideas - fitness

Who doesn’t want to get fit, right? If you know a thing or two about fitness, starting a podcast that discusses various ways to get in shape. It doesn’t need to be just about training and working out.

You can discuss nutrition and different workouts or even break down common misconceptions about fitness.

21. Philosophy

Are you a thinker who likes to question the absurdity of life? If this is you, you can start making a podcast about philosophy. Explore different schools of thought, interview other thinkers, and discuss various philosophers.

You can even share your point of view on some thoughts. You’ll never run out of podcast content with all the different philosophies.

22. TV Shows/Movies

If you’re someone who loves watching TV series and movies, you can create a podcast dedicated to this type of medium. In your podcast, you can break down different episodes of your favorite show.

You can even give recaps and reviews after each episode airs and offer your thoughts on what could happen in the succeeding episodes.

A movie series for fanatics, such as Harry Potter or Back to the Future (my personal favorite) will definitely get a high level of engagement.

23. Entrepreneurship

Many people are interested in starting a business or side hustle, but not everyone has the knowledge to do so. This is where you come in.

If you have any experience with entrepreneurship, you can share stories based on your personal experience and give tips on starting a business. Even sharing how to start a podcast on your own show can add more ideas.

But don’t just focus on your experience. Provide actionable strategies in your podcast episode, such as guides, tips, or even networking events your audience can attend.

24. Cooking

One of the best podcast topics you can explore is cooking. I mean, everyone eats, don’t they? So, this makes cooking a hot topic. You can teach your listeners how to cook, give tips on creating a particular dish, or even interview chefs.

Make sure you know a thing or two about cooking and be ready to share some of your family’s secret recipes to attract a larger audience.

25. Sports

If there’s one thing I know about sports fans (like me), they get really obsessed with the sport. If they’re not watching the game, they’re watching or listening to shows about it. And this is where you come in. You can recap the last match, discuss players, strategies, and more.

26. Digital Marketing

Another niche that’s perfect for a podcast is digital marketing. It’s also pretty broad, so you can easily choose a topic you want to discuss for your episode. This includes SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and more. Get a podcast host experienced in the field to add credibility to your show.

27. The Sciences

Yes, I know. Science can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. But if you can create a unique angle on this topic, it will surely be a big hit. For example, you can talk about complex topics in a more straightforward way or focus on a specific niche like physics, where you can target a select group of people.

Choosing a particular branch of science can help your podcast grow easier as it may not be as competitive as other podcast topics mentioned here.

28. Pets

If you’re running out of podcast topic ideas, one topic you can look into is pets. You can create a show about how to care for different animals, such as dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and more. You can even make one specifically targeted to pet care, such as calming noises or how to treat pet anxiety.

29. History

Podcasts aren’t just for entertainment; you can also use the platform to provide better education. One way to do so is to discuss history. You can take a deep dive into a certain period, focus on certain evolutions, or just share the biography of influential people.

30. Giving Advice

Giving advice

If you don’t want to stick to a specific genre, why not create an advice-column-style podcast instead? This type of podcast does not adhere to one topic but focuses on answering emails or calls from listeners and helping them navigate through life.

Not only will you engage your audience, but you’ll get new podcast ideas quickly.

31. Habits

Many people now understand the importance of habits, but only a few know how to form them. With a habits podcast, you can take your listeners on a journey of creating better, healthier routines that can help them lead better lives.

32. Inspiring Stories

If you want a podcast that can capture a wide variety of listeners, sharing inspiring and motivational stories can do the trick. Each episode will feature stories from different people. You can even invite your audience to send in their stories, making your show more engaging.

33. Gameshows

Instead of doing a traditional podcast where you share stories and interview people, get creative and create one that truly engages the listeners in every episode. You can have a gameshow podcast that focuses on one game or one that has different segments.

34. ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has become one of the internet’s well-beloved content types, with many content creators focusing on creating shows with this format.

It gives people that “tingly” feeling from the head down the back and gives a sense of euphoria or a relaxed state.

This could be a great podcast topic if you have a soothing voice or an idea for the next big ASMR thing.

35. Freelancing

Thanks to the pandemic, people are now seeing the benefits of being a freelancer. However, it’s such a competitive space, and if they don’t have the proper guidance, they may not be able to start their journey.

If you have some experience in the field, sharing your expertise can help many people with their journey. You start by talking about different jobs they can do as freelancers and how to get clients in the competitive market.

36. Parenting

Parenting is a never-ending trial and error-process. What works for others may not work for your kid; that’s why books and shows about parenting are a great hit.

If you’re a parent or becoming one, you can help fellow parents by creating a podcast that offers practical parenting tips. You can also interview other parents and share your own experiences as a parent.

37. Book Reviews

If you’re a bookworm, one of the best podcast topics you can try to work on is book reviews. It won’t feel like work since all you have to do is share insights on books you’ve read or listened to through audiobooks. You can also share your favorite titles and recommendations on various topics.

You can also make your show engaging by creating a book club with your listeners and asking for their reviews.

38. Random Facts

Keep your podcast interesting by offering random facts to your listeners. It doesn’t necessarily have to focus on any topic; you can choose whatever fact you think will blow your listeners’ minds.

The best thing about this topic is your research process will be easy. Just go to Wikipedia, and you’ll find many exciting things there.

39. Food

If you live in an area with a great food scene, you can start a show that features various restaurants and food trucks. This can be a little tricky, though, especially if you only have an audio podcast.

40. Medical

doctor in scrubs

Like science podcasts, medical shows may seem pretty dull on the surface at first. But don’t worry, you’ll still get an audience–maybe not as big as other podcast topics. This is perfect for those with a medical background as the subject is complex and requires prior experience.

41. Wellness

This topic can discuss various things like nutrition, sleep, guided meditations, and more. It’s pretty vague, so it’s easy to develop episode ideas. At the same time, many people are interested in learning how to better care for themselves.

42. Live Events

A podcast doesn’t always have to be held in a private studio. It can also be a show that covers live events such as concerts, galleries, and more. Interview people at live events and make your listeners feel like they’re in the event with you.

43. Things to do in Retirement

Retirees are often looking for new things to try. You can start a show that helps these folks find interesting hobbies to try, new books to read, or anything that could spice up their life in retirement, where their best years are still ahead of them.

44. Home Improvement

Fixing some common house problems can be expensive. That’s why many people turn to DIY solutions. Take advantage of this niche and create a show that focuses on helping listeners troubleshoot common house issues that often come with a pricey bill.

45. Art

For artists, this is one of the best podcast ideas you can explore. You can examine different artworks and talk about their history, origins, and story of the artists in your show. You can even invite other people to share their insights on specific pieces.

46. Life Hacks

Efficiency and productivity are gold these days. That’s why many individuals are looking for ways to make their lives easier with hacks they find on the internet. Help them find the best hacks and share those on your show.

Make sure you’ve tried it, or your recommendations may backfire.

47. Programming

Help your listeners break into the programming world by giving them tips and advice on becoming better programmers. You can even talk about how they can nail technical interviews and other skills they need to prosper in the competitive job market.

48. Languages

Learning a new language is challenging. You need all the help you need to master a language. So why not give people a hand in learning your native language?

You can share a word of the day they can use in conversations, share grammar tips, and explain some cultural information they should know about.

49. Music

There are so many podcast ideas you can make using this topic. For example, a show that’s dedicated to introducing new local artists or one that talks about hits in a specific genre. There are so many ideas to explore here. 

50. Environment

wind farm at sunset

This podcast topic educates people on how to care for the environment more. You can share insights on how to reduce waste, recycling ideas, and ways how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

51. Aviation

Got a passion for aviation? Why not start an aviation themed podcast. Create topics around the best travel hacks for getting business or first class seats. Another could be the best ways to use your frequent flyer points for more than just flights.

52. Your Story

If you have some personal experiences you want to share, why don’t you use them as ideas for your podcast? Tell a story about your journey on how you found your dream career, stories about your relationships, or anything that you think is worth sharing with your listeners.

Bottom Line

If you want to create a popular podcast, you should think outside of the box. There are tons of podcasts now, and it will be hard to succeed if you can’t offer something new.

My advice is to choose something that aligns with your interest so you won’t get tired of talking about it.

Remember, podcasting requires a lot of work. Coming up with a topic is just the start. You must show up and keep your listeners entertained to have a successful and popular podcast. So don’t be afraid of exploring new ideas; I’m 100% sure you’ll find the right niche for you.

Do you have other podcast topics in mind? Let me know, and I’ll add them.

It’s time to be the pilot of your life, not just the passenger.