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I Build Tailor Made Websites

Specific to Your Business Needs

How I Can Help You

I will take care of getting you up and running online with a fully functional website. Here is just some of the things I can look after for you, to get you ahead of the competition!

I will build you a fully functional and interactive website. Features will include fast loading, responsive, and be completely scalable to grow as your business grows. 

As I build out your website at each stage, I will give you behind the scenes access so you walk away completely satisfied that you get everything you want (within your website of course) and are 100% happy with it. 

I Recommend: WordPress

To get you on your way faster, I can look after your domain name and hosting set up. Choosing the cheapest hosting service may not necessarily be the best to get your started (especially if you’re expecting a lot of traffic!). So we will go through my recommendations and which one will serve you best

Website speed is important for users and customers, so the premium hosting plans I recommend come with a free CDN plan so you can be assured your site will the fastest it can be. 

I Recommend (Domain Name): NameCheap
I Recommend (Website Hosting): SiteGround or Bluehost
I Recommend (Premium Web Hosting):
WPX (For multiple websites)
I Recommend (CDN): CloudFlare (Free with SiteGround Plans)

While it’s true that you do get free email addresses with your hosting plans, do not rely on them 100% for important emails (ask me how I know this!). 

At the same time, you also want to remain professional and not be sending emails to clients from a gmail or yahoo email address. 

Pro Tip: will always look more professional than

I Recommend: Zoho, GSuite

Want to really create an awesome ROI? Then invest into email marketing. Studies have shown that for every customer/subscriber you have in your email list, they can be worth a whopping $42 each

Enough said. 

I Recommend: Convertkit

Your current hosting provider not delivering on its promises? Well let me help you with that, with almost no downtime or any data lost!

Moving hosting providers can break your website if not done correctly. To make things run smoothly for your customers and readers here are some of my recommended hosts to make the transition smooth. 

I Recommend: Siteground, WPX Hosting

Keeping up to date with your website can be hard and time consuming. Just like your smartphone, your website will need regular updating to keep you prevented from being hacked and making sure your website continues to run smoothly. 

Every week I can perform a back up onto a cloud server of your website. This will give you piece of mind that if you made a change that you weren’t happy with or even worse, broke your site, then we can go back to the last back up and continue on from there. 

This will leave you to do more important tasks, such as running your business! 

Search Engine Optimization is essential to be found from a web search. This means you can get free traffic without having to pay for ads! It might sound simple but it’s not easy. Google uses around 200 parameters to determine how high up you’ll rank within their search engine. 

I can provide an audit on your website and see what you’re doing well in, and what needs to be improved to help you increase your on page rankings. 

You’ll receive a report with actionable steps to start winning at SEO and get those customers! 

My 3 Step Process

Here’s how I will build your website in just 3 simple steps…

Contact Me

Use my contact form to tell me what your ideal website will look like. What features are important to you, what kind of timeline are you looking at, are there any similar websites you like?


Based on the details you have provided me (the more detailed the better), I can then do my research into your niche and market. Because you want to stand out from your competition, this step is critical!

Let's Build

Now it's time to construct something special. The major focus will be on website speed, stability, maximum security, and a simple user interface. I will also make sure to include you in the process as it's the fun part.