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49 Best Business Ideas for Teens to Start in 2023

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Best Business Ideas For Teens

Just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean you can’t start a business. One of the things I’ve learned is that I actually wished I started operating a business sooner.

Even if you’re a parent reading this, teaching our children about business, entrepreneurship and money is not easy. So why not let them figure out which one they like themselves? Who knows, you might even find a side hustle or two.

When you go to the ice cream store there are over 40 flavors in there. How do you know you don’t like rocky road? Most of the time it’s because you tried it and didn’t like it. The same thing applies to business.

There are a lot of things business can teach both you and your kids. Skills such as effective leadership qualities that they can learn as their business grows will prove to be an invaluable experience.

So here are the best business ideas for teens to get started with today.

Ready? Let’s fly!

Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links that may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you (it will buy me a cup of coffee though 😉). However, these are the best tools to use with these small business ideas for teens. You can read more about the affiliate disclosure in my affiliate policy.

What are the Best Business Ideas for Teens?

Below is the list of the best small business ideas for teens to start this year.

1. Best Online Business Idea: Start a Blog.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite way to build a business. It’s cheap, easy, and can be built around your life. Blogging is still very much alive and thriving.

Instead of talking about your day, if you have something of value or knowledge to pass on to your audience, then it can pay dividends for years to come.

To get paid from blogging there are really three ways:

Sell your own products.
Sell someone else’s products and get a commission for them.
Sell your time to provide a service.

To get started, you must first choose a niche to talk about.

When thinking of a niche, not only does it need to be something you have a lot of experience in, but also if it’s monetizable. People who just blog about their passions without ever making a dollar from it will usually give up.

Fortunately, I’ve made a step-by-step guide on how to get started with a blog. What you’ll learn is:

Choosing your domain name and setting up your web host.
How to select your website’s theme.
Get your blog performing fast with the best plugins.
How to write your first blog post.

To get started, I recommend using Bluehost. They are widely known in the industry and are incredibly cheap. You even get a free domain name for your first year.

Bluehost special offer

When you get started in blogging, building an audience is essential. This is not a get-rich-quick game. The trade-off is that over time, the effort that you put in today will pay off with some of the highest margins in the business.

2. Lawn Care Service.

business ideas for teens - lawn care service

Not only can this be used during the holiday period or weekends, but can be done all year round. This will provide you with some great extra money, and you can start right in your own neighborhood.

As you start getting to know people and their problems (this is what being a business owner is about), you can expand to tree pruning, landscaping, and even hire others at which you’ll make even more money.

When you start your own business, the best way to go is with something low-risk, and that has growth potential. Lawn care might be just what you’re looking for!

Lawn care can offer many benefits, such as being able to work around your schedule in most cases due to client’s schedules, lucrative paychecks, especially if working on a commission or per-hour rate basis, and minimal competition.

This means it’s easy enough for anyone new to this type of business because few barriers are standing in their way.

Take a look at this course to help you get started.

3. Candle Making.

Starting your own candle-making business can be a great way to generate some extra income. It’s easy, cheap and you’ll get the satisfaction of seeing people use something that you created (and they paid for).

As a candlemaker, you can pick from hundreds of different recipes to create simple or elaborate candles with varying scents depending on what you’re going after.

For example, soy wax is odorless but burns more slowly than paraffin, so it’s good if customers are looking for slow-burning types. Beeswax smells naturally pleasant because its natural scent comes straight from honeybees but isn’t as common since beeswax doesn’t burn very well.

It can be hard work, but if you’re willing to put in some time, then there are many rewards along the way because people always need candles no matter what holiday season comes up. This means you can be earning all year round.

4. Website Design Service.

A web design service is an easy and profitable business idea. Websites are becoming increasingly important to businesses as a way of connecting with customers, so the demand for services like this will only grow in the coming years!

So having a website design service would help these small businesses get on board without taking up all the time they need to run their company by themselves while also making them look good when doing so.

A feature I really like with this idea is that you can charge per hour or even have a monthly retainer, so you know exactly how much you’ll be getting each month.

5. Academic Tutor.

Best business ideas - Academic Tutor

Do you excel in a particular subject? This could be an easy way to get started as an entrepreneur.

Academic tutoring is a great way to get started in business because it requires one-on-one time with students in which you can provide them guidance and support. It also provides the opportunity to work flexible hours, enjoy learning new things or meet like-minded people that share your passion for education.

Plus, this is a great way to earn some extra money and give back to your community at the same time.

6. Babysitting/Child Care Service.

Starting a babysitting or childcare service is one of the best small business ideas that you could have. You work when it’s convenient for you and get paid well to do so.

Doing this kind of thing might be just what you need if you’re looking for an extra income stream or the thought of getting back into school or finding another job doesn’t sound appealing right now.

By you helping out parents with their babies, they are then free to do other things they may not have been able to. This is why this kind of business will not be going out of fashion anytime soon.

Make it a weekly or monthly appointment for recurring income.

7. Handmade Jewelry.

Making handmade jewelry is a great way to earn money and express yourself. In fact, it’s such an amazing idea that there are already many Etsy shops out there that do this!

Handmade jewelry has been increasing in popularity over the past few years due to its personal customizability for each customer.

You can decide with ease as well when you make homemade jewelry because everything from stringing materials down to decorations is all up for grabs and totally customizable.

This means no one will have quite the same piece as yours if you go through with making your masterpiece at home or commission someone else to create something beautiful just for you.

Making handmade jewelry is a great way to make some extra money. It’s simple and easy, and all you need are the supplies and your creativity.

8. Craft Fair Vendor.

Craft fair vendor

If you’re looking for a great business idea, consider being a craft fair vendor.

Craft fairs are an awesome way to make money as a teen. You can sell your crafts and get paid in cash! Plus, it’s fun meeting other vendors and customers at the event.

This is great for networking and getting your name out there in the community.

It doesn’t take much to start up either, just some of your favorite crafts or supplies, and you’re ready to go.

If you don’t have any skills yet, tons of online tutorials will teach you how to do anything from knitting scarves to making soap. There is no better time than now!

9. Instagram or Social Media Influencer.

Who needs a 9-5 job when you can make money by posting on Instagram?

It’s easy and fun. Just post pictures of your life on Instagram, get followers, then sell them products or services from major brands.

The trick with this, though, is that you don’t need millions of followers but a highly engaged audience. This is what the big brands care about.

You need to be better than those other influencers who may have millions of followers, but no one likes or comments because they’re not engaging enough with the person or brand.

However, the best part about being an influencer is that it can be done from anywhere in the world with just a phone. And because it doesn’t require any special skills besides having an eye for photography and being social media savvy.

You don’t need much experience to get started. If you have some free time on your hands and are good at taking selfies (or know someone who is), then this might be perfect for you.

It’s also not as risky as starting your own company because there’s less upfront investment required when compared to other businesses like opening up a restaurant or clothing store.

For example, you won’t lose everything if something goes wrong since all of this is virtual. So even if people stop following you tomorrow, nothing will happen to your personal assets like they would with physical stores.

To learn more about Instagram marketing, click the button below.

10. YouTube Personality.

This can be a lucrative way to make money, but you need to be patient. If you love being in front of the camera, then this is one of the perfect business ideas for teens.

But is it possible to make an actual living from YouTube? Well, it’s tricky but not impossible.

The best way is by keeping people watching your videos for as long as they can, the longer, the better. To do that, you either need to entertain or educate them and provide heaps of value.

If you’re able to get more subscribers and views over time, then that means these viewers are interested in what you have to say and so will be willing to watch another one of your videos again later on.

If you’re into gaming, then you could definitely take advantage of the increasing trends with live streaming and do it that way as another option.

This is also a fairly easy way to get started. Every teen these days now has a smartphone (wow, that just made me sound old), so all you need to do is just turn on the camera, and away you go.

Of course, if you want to be taken seriously, then it might be worth paying for some better equipment. Remember, if people can see you better and hear you more clearly, then there’s more of a chance they’ll stick around to the end.

11. Cake Decorator.

Business Ideas for Teens - Cake Decorator

There is usually a cake to go with any occasion, so this small business idea is something that can have income being put into your bank account all year round. You’ll need to have a creative eye to really stand out here.

Being a cake decorator, you can work as much or as little as you like, and all within the comfort of your own home.

If you’re not confident in doing this yourself to start with, then why not start with an apprenticeship at a local cake shop and get paid while you learn. Then once you start building up your skills, you can go at it alone and make even more money.

12. Car Wash Service.

The classic car wash service. It might seem so cliché, but this is such a great side hustle. Think about it. People love their cars looking good. You get to be outside hanging with friends in the sun and be getting paid for it.

You can even recruit others and pay them a portion of the sales you make to really cash in and get more cars coming through the car wash.

Over time look to add other services like cleaning and detailing for more revenue.

13. House Cleaner.

This may not sound like a glamourous job but trust me, this can be a real high-paying business. This is a chore most people hate to do. You would be solving a real problem for them, and because of that, people would be willing to pay out big.

Even if you were to get paid $100 to clean a small one-story house and it takes you an hour to do, that’s a rate of $100 per hour! That’s a much higher rate than most full-time professional jobs.

As you start to build a name for yourself, look to recruit more people, and you get a bigger slice of the payment without doing any more work.

Not only that, but your costs would also be extremely low as you would probably have most of the cleaning products already buried somewhere in your house.

14. Laundry Service.

Business ideas for teens - laundromat

You know how much you hate doing your own laundry? Well, if you have that problem, chances are plenty of others do too. This is where starting this side hustle comes from.

Starting a laundry service is one of those business ideas for teens that can literally change their lives. Laundry services are in high demand, and the potential to make money from this venture is great because you do not need any expensive equipment or licenses.

The possibilities are endless here. Once you start with your own neighborhood, look to expand to your high school or college, then keep scaling your business into motels and hotels as a premium service.

15. Aged Care Service.

Plenty of people in the community need help with day-to-day tasks. Things like getting groceries or paying bills (many of them still like to pay in person), and even just simple tasks of getting around.

Some even just want someone to talk to!

This is a great way to give back to the community, meet some new people, and just be there for them when they need you.

16. Gift Wrapping Service.

Gift wrapping is an easy way for students to make money over the holidays. The business can be done in your home or near department stores, and it only requires a few hours of work each month when you’re not busy with other commitments during holiday breaks.

Starting your own holiday gift-wrapping business is an excellent way to earn some money while being creative. The high-profit margin means that you can expect a great return on investment, and it’s not too difficult to transition from seasonal work to a year-round service.

You will need to invest time (and maybe even capital) in creating the perfect booth for yourself, but this will be worth it when drawing customers in with a professional appearance.

17. Computer Setup Business.

Business Ideas for teens - computer service

If you’re good with computers and enjoy building them, then this is the business opportunity for you. There are a lot of people who struggle with technology. By helping them out and setting it up for them, you would be saving them plenty of time.

This is a booming industry with so much potential to scale and grow. Pair this up with a computer repair service, and you’ll be on your way to making this a real profitable business.

18. Graphic Design.

Graphic design can be a lucrative business for any teenager to start while they are still in school.

There is so much demand out there for graphic designers, and anyone with the skills, initiative and drive will find it easy enough to get started on their own or through contracting work from other professionals as well.

One good thing about being a graphics designer is that you’re able to sign long-term deals with just one client if your services are top-notch.

Starting a graphic design business can be cheap and easy. First, you need an up-to-date computer with the necessary software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop (which are both very affordable).

You may also want to purchase some art supplies such as pencils, paintbrushes, and paper sketch pads for ideas on hand while designing logos or other graphics digitally. If you’re in college, try doing freelance work for your school, it will help build your portfolio even quicker.

19. Recycling Service.

Want to do good for the environment? Then start up your own recycling business. Start by placing flyers around the block or using local Facebook groups to let people know of this service.

Then pick it up every couple of days or once a week, depending on their needs, and take it to the appropriate facility to be recycled. This is something so simple, yet you can earn money and do good for the planet at the same time.

20. Party Entertainer.

Be the life of the party

Who doesn’t love parties? So if you’re looking for a business that can help skyrocket your income, it’s time to start entertaining people and creating amazing memories at events. Think about the balloon animals or magic tricks you’ll be able to do with this new career path.

21. Portrait Artist.

Drawing portraits is a great way to make some extra cash, especially for those who are more visually oriented. You can offer your services to people looking for custom family or pet pictures by drawing them from photos they send you and then framing the finished product as an affordable gift.

It’ll be an advantage if you can have a website or blog to show off your portfolio. Once you start getting plenty of traffic, think about teaching others through an online course to do the same for increased profits.

22. Event Photography Business.

Helping people by capturing the most memorable moments of their day can be a lucrative business idea for teens. Be prepared for some start-up costs, though. You’d be looking at having a decent camera, some sort of lighting equipment, a computer or laptop, and editing software as an absolute minimum.

The upshot to this, though, is that you won’t need to pay for any ongoing costs.

As a complete service to your photography business, consider a joint venture with a video photographer and photo editor to outsource some of the work for you so you can continue doing the things you love the most.

As you hone your skills, you’ll be able to expand into weddings or other special events that meet your needs for creative expression. When you’ve reached this point, it will become easier than ever before to get paid extremely well.

23. Test Prep Service.

Start a test prep business for teens

When it comes down to the final stretch of your high school career, and you’re filling out college applications, wouldn’t a little extra help make that process go smoothly? Well, if you have experience with standardized tests like the SAT or ACT, then starting up a test prep business could be worthwhile.

Specializing in one type of exam is an easy way to target potential clients while still being within your area of expertise, so don’t just teach everyone everything.

Utilize those books from when they were younger for long-term benefits, as well as giving general advice on study techniques (like time management) are all ways to help students improve their scores over time.

24. Music Tutor.

When you need extra cash, it’s always nice to find a job that will let you keep your spare time. It can be hard for teens with schoolwork and other responsibilities on their plate too, but the beauty of being an entrepreneur is there are so many opportunities out there.

One option worth exploring? Giving music lessons. If you have experience playing any instruments, even just as a hobbyist, then this could give some excellent income potential while also giving back to those who want or need more comprehensive instruction than what they got from public schools when they were younger.

Starting a music lessons business doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily conduct classes at your place, the student’s homes, or even school if you’re able to.

As long as they bring their own instruments with them and buy some sheet music from time to time while building up trust in themselves by conducting quality sessions for students of all ages.

25. Soap and Lotion Making.

A soap-making business is a great opportunity for those who enjoy working with their hands. From the beginning, you’ll learn how to create quality soaps that people will love.

You can make your own fragrances and ingredients from scratch and even experiment on what types of scents work best together.

Running this type of company includes purchasing raw materials, combining them into unique recipes or brewing up fresh batches yourself (depending on if it’s an online store or not), and creating some amazing products with different textures like lotion bars or bath bombs.

Then finish off by selling these handmade goods at markets around town in addition to offering samples through local craft shows.

26. Crochet Business.

Start a crochet business

There are many reasons to start a crochet business. First, it’s relaxing and fun. You can do this alone or with friends for company. Either way, you’ll be in good hands (pun intended).

Second, as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to set your own schedule, which is awesome because then you get paid whether there’s work available or not.

Finally, you get to choose where you intend to sell. It can be on something as simple as a craft fair, an online platform like Etsy (see below), or even on your own website for maximum profits.

27. Sell on Etsy.

Etsy is an e-commerce site that makes it easy to sell homemade goods or vintage items. But you don’t need a website of your own since Etsy has one for you. Sellers can use their skills and creativity on the platform, whether they’re making arts and crafts themselves or trying to find unique pieces from other sources.

It was created as just a way for people who make things by hand like jewelry makers, clothing designers, and quilters, to connect with buyers online without having to open up their homes in person.

These days there are more than 50 million members on the site worldwide, looking at over 4 billion listings every month (and almost 20% are mobile shoppers). Take advantage of the traffic and set up your own site today!

To get started with learning how to make the most of selling on Etsy, check out this course on Udemy.

28. Write Children’s Books.

Writing and illustrating children’s books can be a great way to turn your creativity into something profitable. With kids reading more than adults, there are plenty of opportunities for you to tell stories that will resonate with them while also making money.

Getting started on this journey is simple. The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of story (or illustration) would interest others. Next, start writing or drawing it out, so you have an idea about how much work needs to be done before committing your resources like time and energy.

You may want some help getting feedback from friends who know things about publishing, but either way, don’t give up until the book has been published.

29. Photo Editing Business.

Start a photo editing business

For people with photography and photo editing skills, starting an online business can be a great way to make money. It’s not required that you also work as a photographer.

In fact, social media-savvy individuals are often able to find clients all over the web.

People who have experience working on photos usually do one of two things. They either start their own businesses or work for someone else’s company doing it full-time before freelancing becomes their main source of income.

However, now there are so many opportunities available through freelance jobs sites like FlexJobs that you’re bound to find something and start building up your portfolio.

30. Makeup Artist.

Starting out, you can build up your portfolio by doing friends’ makeup for events like prom. This is an excellent way to start a business as a teenager and grow it into something substantial with the right amount of persistence.

Startup costs are fairly low since most makeup artists work out of their homes or travel to clients, so all that’s needed is some basic supplies like brushes, eyeliner pencils/pens, lipsticks/glosses (even my daughter already practices on me).

As your clientele grows throughout high school, thanks largely due to word-of-mouth referrals, you could always get that reach even higher by joining local Facebook groups or creating tutorials and building a community yourself.

31. Pet Sitting Service.

People who love animals can make money while taking care of them. Pet sitting is a great business idea for animal lovers. You could do walks, drop-by feeding, or in-home pet sitting as an alternative to kenneling people’s furry friends when they are away.

The costs are low because most businesses operate out of the home, and cheap prices attract customers with limited funds that cannot afford to board their pets often but still want quality service from someone they trust.

Pet-sitting offers people opportunities to connect with other supporters of four-legged companions since it operates primarily through word-of-mouth referrals instead of expensive advertising campaigns like many human services organizations rely on.

However, in order to protect your wallet (and your parents!), you may want to consider getting a liability insurance policy for yourself just in case anything happens while they are under your supervision and an animal gets hurt, or their cages become damaged because something goes wrong.

32. Start a Greeting Card Business.

Business ideas for teens - greeting cards

If you are looking for a business idea to start, why not go into the sale of custom greeting cards?

During the holidays and at other times when people need them, they fly off the shelves. If there’s an occasion that is important in your life or someone else’s who has given it importance by showing their appreciation with gifts like flowers, then, sure enough, customized greeting cards will be bought.

33. Start a Podcast.

If you’re more inclined to create audio content, then your own podcast might be the perfect way for you to make money. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and many people enjoy listening on their commutes or while they work out.

By creating a podcast of your very own, not only can it provide entertainment but also give opportunity for advertisers like Amazon Prime Music around Hollywood who want listeners in Los Angeles.

There’s never been a better time to start. With so much recent popularity surrounding podcasts due to how easy it has become.

This is largely in part because of online platforms such as Buzzsprout, which makes uploading even easier when compared to traditional methods requiring expensive equipment and complicated computer programs.

34. Art Lesson Business.

If you want to make a living from teaching art, your first step is creating lessons that students can follow as they learn. You will need images and diagrams so the student knows what it should look like at each stage of the lesson.

If you’re interested in making money by giving people artsy skills, try starting an art school.

You can do this through your home, art studio, or even via Zoom if you’re stuck in lockdown. This means you can still get paid and keep those lessons going to keep people going.

35. Live Streaming Video (Gaming).

Live streaming as a business

There is a new way to make money playing video games. With the help of streaming services, gamers can earn an income while they play their favorite game and build followers. This is similar to being a social media influencer.

The more viewers you have on your stream, the amount of revenue generated increases as well.

If you’re able to reach over 500 subscribers (on twitch), then you have reached partner status. This means that companies will be paying for every follower’s attention with ads or sponsorships from time to time.

But it’s not easy to earn a following and keep it. You will need skills in gaming, navigating social media for promotion, responding with comments on the web as well as building an online presence that is broad enough so you can become partners with streaming sites.

Fortunately, I’ve created a blog post on the best streaming services that are both paid and free for you to get started with.

36. Videographer.

When you become a videographer, it’s not just about shooting video. You have to be able to edit and produce your work so that clients are satisfied with the final product.

If you want to start charging people for videos of their kids playing sports or graduation ceremonies, there are certain things necessary for this business venture, the right equipment, skillsets like editing software abilities, and most importantly, great customer service.

To get started with videography, check out these courses on Skillshare.

37. Baking.

Let’s face it, pretty much every one of us has that family member that has passed on a “secret ingredient” that makes their cupcakes/cookies/cake/bread the best. So why not give that to the community to enjoy.

The best thing is that you can schedule this business around your studies or at a convenient time. To make this stand out and memorable to your customers, make sure that it tastes good and is presented really well.

If you’re stuck in lockdown, try thinking outside the box (pun intended) by sending the baked goods through a parcel service to deliver them to your customers.

You’ll most likely need to build a website for this so that you can accept payment, but it means you don’t need to leave the house.

38. Leaf Removal Business.

Leaf removal business

Oh my gosh, do I hate leaves falling all around my house! Building up this leaf removal business means you can stay in business practically all year round, depending on the type of trees you have in your neighborhood.

You really don’t need an expensive leaf blower to get started either. A simple rake and waste bag can be a much more cost-effective way of getting your business off the ground.

Then once you have raised enough money, invest it back into your business by upgrading to a leaf blower, and then you’ll be able to get through more houses in less time.

39. Set Up a Flea Market Shop.

To find a profitable business, you need to be creative. A great idea for this is opening a flea market shop since it will only cost a small amount of money and some time invested, but the return can be quite lucrative!

A good way of getting your side business going would make use of what people may not want anymore. Things that they don’t have any more room for in their homes or offices. This could include things like as old clothes and furniture pieces with worn-out fabric coverings from years past.

It may not be the most glamourous business, but it’ll get you started with some revenue coming in to move on to the next business idea.

40. Flipping Sneakers.

Sneakers are some of the most popular items to buy secondhand, but what about selling them as well? Flipping sneakers can be a great way to get extra cash, and it’s actually quite simple.

It probably won’t come as news that there is money in flipping shoes. However, many people don’t realize how easy it can be when you know where to look.

Sneakerheads like Herbert have been making bank by buying up footwear at discount prices from retailers like Imelda Marcos’ closet sale or your local Nike outlet store before reselling pairs on eBay for triple, quadruple, even quintuple their original price tag!

41. Retail Arbitrage Business.

Get into retail arbitrage as a business

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, then retail arbitrage may be the answer. You can find items at local retailers and turn around and sell them on eBay or Amazon for higher profit margins than they offer in stores.

Retail arbitrage is a great opportunity if you’re interested in eventually making your own private label to sell on Amazon or eBay. You’ll get used to the platform and how it all works without the risk of actually using any of your own products first.

Many people have started their E-commerce companies using this business model. You can even reinvest what you make from retail arbitrage into making your own products and eventually build your own brand up.

42. Acting.

Ok, technically, this may not be a traditional business, however, if you have the talent for acting, then this can be a nice little earner. You get to make the decisions as to what roles you want to audition for.

The motivation can be what industry you’d like to play in or what kind of money will be paid out. Even being an extra can earn you quite a bit.

Once you gain a bit of traction and you have a manager, all you’ll have to do is just turn up to auditions, and they will take care of the rest for you.

43. Online Surveys.

When I was younger, my main sources of spending money were mowing lawns and collecting cans. Today, there are so many more opportunities to earn a little extra cash online while you’re at home on your computer!

That is why sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks allow teenagers aged 13 and up the opportunity to make some small amounts of pocket change by completing short surveys or other tasks such as watching advertiser videos.

The payouts might not be huge, and don’t expect to get rich off this, but it can add up quickly if you have nothing else better to do for an evening.

44. Collecting Cans and Bottles.

Empty bottles and cans

How much is an empty bottle worth to you?

A lot of people in California and other 9 states across the country don’t know that certain types of bottles are actually worth money. In some places, cans or glass containers can be sold for 5 cents while others may get 10 cents per container.

That’s a substantial amount because local recycling centers often give more than pennies per bottle themselves.

I used to collect empties as a kid by scavenging parks and even roadside litter after school, but these days it feels like too much work, so you can just ask your neighbors each week if they’d save their recyclable plastics so you could go pick them up later on (and cash in).

45. Niche Website Business.

More and more, kids are creating their own websites based on their favorite TV show or hobby because it’s second nature to them now (which I think is great, but I might be biased).

Many have been successful at this, earning money from affiliate links for popular movies as well as promoting merchandise with the “inside” information of what trends were going around the school when they weren’t watching TV.

If technology feels natural and easy to your little one, building a website centered on some aspect that interests them could actually be a lucrative endeavor. Building sites can teach children valuable skills in Entrepreneurship while also making money doing it.

46. Sell Popsicles and Ice Cream.

One of my more memorable moments as a child came from the ice cream business I started with two friends. We set up our operation at the end of my street and had amassed quite an impressive cash flow before we were shut down by police officers for selling without a permit.

So parents, make sure you do your due diligence!

47. Hamper Business.

For those who are looking to make some extra cash during the holiday season, you should consider selling hampers. During festive periods, people show appreciation for their family members and friends with different kinds of gifts.

There is always a high demand for these types of services, so if you want your business to grow quickly, this may be the perfect opportunity.

48. Open a Flower Shop.

Open up a flower shop

Starting a flower shop is the perfect way for teens to get involved in business. It will provide you with opportunities that you may not have had otherwise, and it can be done on your own time.

When you think about all of those beautiful flowers around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you’re probably wishing there was someplace nearby where one could buy fresh bouquets.

Well, now there is, and it’s your very own store!

Starting up a florist business doesn’t take much more than buying cool supplies (a few buckets and dirt are great!), getting permission from mom/dad, and being creative with what garden plants grow best at certain times of the year.

With some planning, you can grow this little business idea into a nationwide enterprise.

49. Mini Barista.

What better way to give back to your parents than with a perfect cup of coffee?

It’s not always easy, but with a few adjustments and some time spent on research, it can be done perfectly every time!

There are many different types of coffees out there, iced, hot, espresso, or traditional drip.

But brewing them well only takes practice! Being a coffee lover myself, the lengths I used to go to to find a great cup of coffee in Los Angeles were far and wide!

Get this right, and you’ll never be out of business.

50. Social Media Marketing Business.

If you have had any kind of experience with being a social media influencer, then having your own social media marketing business could prove to be an easy choice. To get started, you could easily leverage off of the contacts you have made.

Then simply set up an online portfolio of your success on your own website and then begin your consulting services.

It’s a great start to earning easy money with low startup costs.

51. Reader’s Choice!

Now it’s your turn! Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see me add to this list down in the comments sections below.

Business Idea FAQ

What Business Can a Teenager Start?

There are plenty of businesses that don’t need a lot of capital, and you can start making money right away. There’s no reason for teenagers to just get a job anymore for minimum wage. Some of the best business ideas for teens include:
1. Starting a blog.
2. Lawn mowing service.
3. Window cleaning service.
4. Live streaming video.
5. Social media influencer.

How Can I Help My Child Start Their Own Business?

Be there for them and encourage them to come up with their own business ideas. Start with creating a business plan and then figure out costs, how they plan to market, and how to manage their business around their other obligations.

Let them make their own mistakes…within reason, of course. This will set them up for success later on in their business careers.

One of the worst mistakes we can make as parents is letting our kids get it right from the start. It gives them a false sense that everything they do will be a success. It won’t teach how to deal with failure.

So guide them and let them make the final decisions. They are the CEO, after all.

What is a Good Business For a 13-Year-Old to Start?

This depends on the individual. What their interests are, and what they plan on doing in the future. I believe that teenagers wanting to start a business is one of the best life experiences for their development.

They will learn about money management (cash flow), marketing, and interaction with other people (customers).

A good business for young entrepreneurs to start, include:
1. Starting a blog.
2. Provide an outdoor service such as lawn care and landscaping.
3. Babysitting/child care.
4. Content creation for YouTube or a blog.
5. Selling their own handmade products.

Bottom Line

Young entrepreneurs have the best advantage in taking control of their lives today. Time.

There are countless young people who have had enough. They’ve been pushed to the brink of what they can endure, and now it’s time for them to take control of their lives today in ways that will make a difference tomorrow.

There is no better time than right now to get all of your strengths (whether academic or work-related) and leverage those skills to come up with your own business ideas that build on your passions while also providing some type of service or product that fills a need.

Whether you want to start something new with friends, give back by creating opportunities for others, find success through small business ownership, or even consider starting a blog as part of your content marketing strategy for your organization, there are many different paths you can take and some for less than $3 per month to get started.

Find the one that fits perfectly for you. I’d love to hear how you get on.

How have you come up with your own business ideas, or which ones should I add to this list?

It’s time to be the pilot of your life and not just the passenger.