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Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, we’re here to take you there. 

Join me and other monthly readers who are making the change to blog like a business and taking control of their lives. 

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Treat Your Blog Like A Business Not a Hobby

I’ve seen so many new bloggers treat their blog like a hobby and it shows. You know, all the same information out there of people telling you that you need to write about what you’re passionate in, follow the rules and make money, it’s all about the content. Stay the course and you too can make money in a few years from now. Well I’m calling them out! 

So I’m taking a different flight path than the usual route. To be successful you need to be willing to do what others won’t so you can do what they can’t. 

I’ve had plenty of time during my time on the ground to think there’s gotta be a faster and more efficient way to update your blogging tactics.

Now I’m not an expert or a “guru” by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just a regular guy. But what I do have is 5 years of experience in blogging with niche sites, content marketing, SEO and web development.

I had paid marketing agencies for help but got no results. This was really frustrating because I couldn’t invest anymore into the business. So I had no choice but to learn digital marketing.

I have built blogs on the side and made an income through e-commerce and I will show you what works, what doesn’t, and everything in between. 

I will show you that you don’t need to be already established in the field that you’re going to be blogging about and still be successful. You become the expert!

It’s time to be the pilot of your life and not just the passenger. 

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